There are many different solutions available for managing database code with some sort of version control. This tutorial will demonstrate how to integrate Flyway, a popular open source database migration tool, with an Amazon Aurora Serveless database by utilizing Docker and AWS Fargate.



Here at ShareBuilder 401k, we utilize Amazon Aurora Serverless for our database applications. It is easy to setup, automatically scales, and is a cost-effective solution for running databases. We manage our schemas with Flyway. Flyway allows us to efficiently manage these schemas across all our software environments through migrations. Using Docker and Docker Compose, we can develop and test our database migrations locally. We can then utilize the same Docker environment with AWS Fargate to predictably deploy and run migrations in all environments.

This tutorial is divided into 3 sections. The first will go over setting up an Aurora Serverless Database in a VPC and establishing a connection with the database. The second will dive a little deeper into Flyway and how it is used to manage database migrations. The final section will pull the previous two sections together to run Flyway on the Aurora Serverless Database using Docker and AWS Fargate.

Let’s get started!

Part 1: Database Setup >