Who is ShareBuilder 401k?

ShareBuilder Advisors is a 401k provider dedicated towards empowering and simplifying saving for Americans. It pioneered online quote to purchase of 401(k) plans and the all index-fund investment roster, to help any size business and their employees enjoy the benefits of a low-cost, high-service 401(k) plan. Today, ShareBuilder 401k serves over 6,000 companies across America offering 401(k) plan design consulting, employee education, digital setup, and investment management services.

Information about our Advisory services can be found on the ShareBuilder 401k website.

Our Engineers

We’re a small, diverse team focused on making the 401k process as simple and secure as possible. We are passionate about technology and building software that enables our customers to easily save for retirement.

Tech We Like

We’ve come to adopt and focus our efforts on technology that we enjoy using. These languages and frameworks also work really well with a small engineering team. In no particular order, here are some technologies we focus in:

With these technologies we’re continually finding new ways to improve our developer experience and hope to help others.

Check out our Open Source projects.